Abcite 1060/ X60

Abcite® has proved its worth for many years under these conditions. A unique one layer, primer-less coating which fulfills the highest corrosion requirements and can replace up to 6 layers of conventional protective coating – all in one!


Maintenance-free for reduced costs and extended service life
• Superior corrosion resistance, UV & salt spray resistance: C5-M high according to ISO 12944-6 and C5-M according to ISO 20340
• Impermeable barrier even in permanent immersion or condensation
• Suitable for extreme climate conditions: from -60 °C to +75 °C
• Durable adhesion to steel, even in hot water
• Excellent chemical resistance to most kinds of water
• Reduced bacterial growth and fouling
• Superior resistance to cavitation and abrasion
• Reduced friction of water flow, reducing pressure drop


Easy to apply and robust
• Coat interior and exterior in one step
• Spray on preheated steel or dip in fluidized bed
• No primer needed (self-adhering film)
• Lower process temperature than nylon coatings
• Excellent edge coverage
• Outstanding impact resistance preventing handling damage
• Easy repair of coating defects
• Excellent color stability over time