Looking for a coating solution that has the industries leading corrosion protection system according to ISO 12944-6?


Our range of thermoplastic coatings include Plascoat and Abcite X60. These coating have  extensive research-backed data and real world case studies showing the coatings amazing performance over decades in the most extreme offshore enviroments.


The collection of Axalta and Plascoat thermoplastic powder coatings we offer is eco-friendly and is Australian standards food and water safe.


When you have extreme corrision problems due tot he enviroment or industrial contaminates Thermoplastic’s are likely the answer you have been searching for.


How do thermoplastics work?

Thermoplastic’s are applied as a powder onto a preheated part causing the powder to melt on contact with the heated part. When the powder melts it encases the part in an impermable barrier even when subjected to permant imersion.


Limitless thickness can be achieved with thermoplastics however one layer of thermoplastics is usually equilalant to a 5 layer paint system.

Eco-Friendly Axalta Powder Coatings in Australia

The high-performing Abcite X60 and Plascoat PPA571 are known for their surperior adhesion to substrate, corrosion protection, and appearance.

Thermoplastic coatings are just what you need to keep your metal substrates safe from corrosion for decades to come. Call us now to learn more about our Thermoplastic powder coatings.







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