Urban Coatings

The urban powder coatings that we offer combine the latest and newest colours with a patterned effect to render a texture illusion. The smooth-feel-like powder coatings offered by us at Pilbara Powder Coatings are manufactured using state-of-the-art polyester technology. The urban powder contains myriad shades that range from sultry eggplant to quirky teal etc.


The urban powder coatings are made to provide two simple processes to the coating while simultaneously offering a fun finish to the designer of their choice. The powder coatings we offer are known for their increasing number of exterior applications that maintain their good look for several years to come. Our series of urban powder coatings secures the top position in the present market, thanks to their range of exterior grade architectural products which are combined with functional coatings filled technology.


Colour Consistent Urban Powder Coatings


Our urban powder coatings are specially designed to offer long-lasting corrosion protection for all types of metals, irrespective of the environment. The powder coatings are durable and are known for their versatility. You can use the powder coatings in several applications and techniques involved for processing including electrostatic spraying, fluid bed dipping, and flock spraying.


With our urban powder coatings, you need no primer for maintenance during its life cycle. They can be used for various application methods and are both safe and dependable. They protect galvanized and aluminium substrates. The powder coatings have ultra-resistance to sun, sand, sea, and salt. The powder coatings offer impressive impact and abrasion protection.