Interpon Redox Triplex

The three-layer Interpon Redox Triplex system combines zincrich primer Interpon Redox PZ (cathodic protection) with the barrier-protective primer Interpon Redox Plus – finished with the Interpon topcoat of your choice. It is intended mainly to protect steel objects that are pre-treated through grit or shot blasting and is ideal for environments with high humidity or salinity.
Cathodic protection is a method where the substrate metal is connected to a more reactive, “sacrificial metal”, that will corrode instead of the protected substrate.  The Barrier Effect protection technique isolates the substrate from its environment with a water and airproof barrier coating. Oxygen and other corrosive agents are thus prevented from making direct contact with the steel, and consequently no corrosion can form.
Our Triplex system layers these two technologies, providing extremely strong corrosion protection for environments up to C5 level.