Plascoat® PPA 571

Axalta’s Plascoat® PPA 571 is a thermoplastic powder technology designed to provide long-term corrosion protection for metal against the most demanding environments. A durable coating that has the versality to work in a wide array of application and processing techniques including electro-static spraying flock spraying and fluid bed dipping.
Whatever the application Plascoat® PPA 571 has almost 3 decades of proven performance to back its credentials.
Key Features
• Superior resistance to salt, sea, sand and sun
• Excellent abrasion protection
• High flexibility
• Excellent environmental credentials: no bisphenol A (BPA free), no VOCs, no TGIC, no phthalates, no isocyanates, no halogenes and no heavy metals
• Sound insulation
• Electrical insulation
• Excellent coverage of edges and welds
• Very low smoke in event of fire
• Highly durable: how extreme weatherability might be, Plascoat® PPA 571 provides long life for the coated assets
• Highly economical: no primer required, no maintenance during the product life
• Safe and dependable: easy to clean surface with a warm-touch effect
• Tough and resistance Plascoat® PPA 571 is unaffected by salt spray, stone chips and temperature extremes
• Universal and versatile
• Relies on almost 30 years proven performance