We take pride in being the most popular Duralloy powder coating in Australia at Pilbara Powder Coating. Our range of Duralloy is a premium series of rich and textured colour powder coatings that come with a warranty. The durable range of powder coats from Duralloy that we offer is perfect for architectural grade aluminium, on all kinds of steel like mild steel, semi-bright steel followed by black and blue steel. You can use them in mild exterior conditions as well or in general interior conditions.


The durable range of Duralloy powder coating we offer runs inclusive of all types of warranty; starting from corrosion to steel colour. You can enjoy the guaranteed performance with our range of Duralloy powder coats on pre-treated aluminium. They have brilliant colour retention and features a hard-wearing finish.


Performance Assured Duralloy Powder Coat


The range of Duralloy powder coats we offer is primarily designed for extruded aluminium like on both door and window joinery and residential building's aluminium panel work. And though you can also our powder coat from Duralloy on stainless steel they aren't warranted. You can come across an impressive range of solid colours in our Duralloy powder coat.


We offer Duralloy powder coats that are capable of incorporating advanced powder-coat technology combined with the newest colours. The colour range is selected from the classics and the very modern international colour trends are arranged in a way to make your colour selection convenient and easy.


Get 10 Year Colour Warranty with Duralloy Powder Coat


Our offered Duralloy powder coat is one of the most popular given the availability of its impressive colour range and its tested hard-wearing finish. The demand for their usage is also improved by the premium and highest-grade powder availability with modern weathering powder. Of all other finishes, the matt finishes are most preferred, thanks to their scratching and marking resistance.


You can expect our Duralloy powder coat to run suitable for saltwater of more than 100 meters in environments that are mild to tropical. The Duralloy powder coat also comes with a warranty on its colour integrity and film integrity. Contact us to choose your colour or understand how to maintain the powder coat.