Automotive Coatings

We at Pilbara Powder Coatings are the pioneer supplier of automotive coatings in Australia. Known for industry-leading high performance, our automotive coatings cater to some of the most reputable brands present in the automotive world. The powder coatings are high-temperature-based that are capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 1,800 degrees.


All our automotive coatings are thermal cycling-resistant and thermal-shock resistant as well. These coatings are also great when it comes to resistance to both chemical and corrosion. They are known for their distinct and premium look and feel. The eco-friendly coatings we offer are budget-friendly and easy to apply as well.


Automotive Coatings to Protect Surfaces from Weathering


Our range of liquid automotive coatingsis specifically designed to be used inside the HVLP spray gun. The automotive coatings are neither dip coatings nor roll coatings or even brush coating. They can be largely incorporated in present liquid lines. It is easier for us to provide elaborate design and tailor-made features.


The series of automotive coatings we deliver are standard ceramic-based and has a reputation for resolving the old industry problems with their exclusive properties and fresh solutions. Our highest quality and high-temperature automotive coatings can deliver an aesthetically appealing premium finish. And unlike all other high-temperature powder coatings, our high-temperature and durable coatings promise long-lasting protection from corrosion during both thermal shock and thermal cycling.


Certified Automotive Coatings


The automotive coatings also guarantee long-lasting protection against winter road salts exposure followed by dicing solutions. The automotive coatings are perfect for high-temperature parts. You can use them in headers and manifolds, exhaust tips, exhaust tubes, turbo housings, turbine pistons, and intercoolers. The thin-film properties of our powder coating enable the highest performance on applications having tight tolerance, especially when the vehicles are left open to violent environments.


What makes our automotive coatings perfect for high-wear areas and places where other finishes quickly wear down, is their extreme durability and their resistance against abrasion, rock chipping, scratching. Call us and learn more about the application of our automotive coating.

Automotive Coatings in Australia

The car’s body is the most visible part of the vehicle and the most susceptible to unsightly starches and damage. This is what makes choosing the right automotive coating important. At Pilbara Powder Coatings, we ensure that our detailed range of powders exhibit impressive durability and resistance to nuisance scratching. All of our Automotive Coatings are VOC-free and are suitable for a wide variety of automotive applications including but not limited to suspension components, wheels, bulbars, roof racks, etc.

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