Abcite 1060/ X60

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The surperior protection of Abcite X60 on critical equipment and infrastructure is compliant with International Standards (ISO 12944-6), in meeting the highest possible corrosion resistant rating CX. While many claim and promise corrosion protection Abcite X60 has the data and proven case studies of real world application success stories. Abcite X60 is the ultimate protection against alkaline, acid and chemical vagaries, UV exposure and enviromental weathering effects.


Abcite X60 will not chip, crack, flake and is highly resistant to abrasion. If you need results not promises choose Abcite X60 and rely on decades of proven success.


Abcite 1060/ X60 powder coating is a single-layer application without a primer. It is a strong adhesive thermoplastic powder coating and meets international standards for corrosion level CX - Extreme. It also adheres to Australian regulations for food and potable water contacts. Abcite X60 has no solvents, heavy chemicals or VOCs in manufacturing or at the user interface making it extremely safe and a greener solution.


Equipment not achieving its intended design life? Talk to the team about X60 toady.