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At Pilbara Powder Coatings, we offer eco-friendly thermoplastic powder coatings. We strive towards contributing to providing an innovative solution in powder coatings using powders that contain upto 25% recycled plastics.

Each low viscosity thermoplastic powder coating that we offer adheres to the strictest quality requirements laid by the industry. Our range of powder coatings offers aesthetic and protective properties. The environmental-friendly low-viscosity thermoplastic powder coatings that we offer are safe for workplaces and at the user interface because there are no heavy chemicals, VOC's or solvents used in the manufacturing process.


Top Quality Thermoplastic Powder Coating


The manufacturing process and application used for low-viscosity thermoplastic powder coating are simple and don’t include curing mechanisms. They include all types of acceptable properties for various applications. They are known for their amazing solvent resistance.


The low-viscosity thermoplastic powder coating features outstanding resistance to weathering. They are known for their amazing resistance to wear. The thermoplastic powder coating is also popular for its high aesthetic appearance.


Best Provider of Low Viscosity Thermoplastic Powder Coating


Our range of thermoplastic powder coating have forever earned their reputation for resistance to corrosion and durability thanks to the premium edge coverage, and thick film build. We have the largest collection of low viscosity thermoplastic powder coating.


Our thermoplastic powder coating doesn’t chemically react during curing but rather the fusion happens from the coating with the substrate with the help of heat. You can get the thermoset coatings in powder form as well. The best part about the powder coating having low viscosity is that it can be resolidified, remolten, and reheated.