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Oxyplast E29 powder coatings are of the highest quality and caters to all types of automotive industries. Oxyplast E29 powder coating that you get from us is manufactured adhering to international quality standards. The Oxyplast E29 powder coating is available in a comprehensive range.


The powder coating is perfect for interior and exterior applications. The powder coating is meant for outstanding flow-outs and is anti-corrosion. They are known for their remarkable resistance to both compliance and corrosion that are FDA approved.


Oxyplast E29 Powder Coating Supplier in Australia


 Oxyplast E29 we offer have better finishes than standard powders and are popular for their over-bake resistance as well. The powder coating is meant for exterior usages and has amazing flow out. 


The anti-corrosion powder coating at our company is UV-resistant and is available in both matt and wrinkles textures. The powder coatings have better finishes and are specially meant for exterior usages and are made of the highest-grade raw materials.


Enjoy the Vastest Array of Applications


You can get all our products shipped quickly to your place at an incredible price. They are also available at the best shipping rates. Get all your Oxyplast powder coating at your destination quickly. The Oxyplast range of powder coatings is specifically designed to keep your electronic equipment safe from electrostatic discharge because of the build-up of the static.


The coating takes the job of a protective film that will help the static charge to disappear so the precious electronic components are safe for use and storage. You can use our oxyplast powder coatings for workbenches, storage organizers, shelving, electronic enclosures, and workstations as well.