Interpon 610 Powder Coat Range

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At Pilbara Powder Coatings, we present to you an innovative range of Interpon 610 powder coat range that lets our clients enjoy a coarse texture on the surfaces. Our specialized powder coat range is specifically designed for office furniture producers, gym equipment producers, electrical cabinets, etc.


The Interpon 610 powder coating we provide are great at hiding metal defects, while simultaneously providing better and improved efficiency in terms of production and energy when put in contrast with particular products of this category.


Polyester-Based Powder Coatings


We provide TGIC-free polyester powder coatings that are known for their uniform coarse texture in all types of colours and batches. The powder coatings offered by us are also greatly sustainable and have provided improved coverage on sharp edges, corners, and defects. They can largely be used for various geometries and dimensions for all types of industrial usages.


The Interpon 610 powder coating is known for its reduced application costs, improved productivity, minimized rates for rejection, and better product quality and appearance of our film. Powder coatings that we offer are easily distinguished because of their functionality and their innovative designs.


Product Features

Finishes Gloss, Satin, Matt, Ripple
Warranty Not available
Performance Specifications AS4506
Project Suitability Suitable for interior and exterior* applications
Common Applications Street furniture, automotive parts and accessories, transport components, mechanical components, office equipment, cabinetry, handrails, containers, switch boards, racking, shelving, fencing, railings, bollards, playground equipment
Suitable Substrates Mild steel, hot dip galvanising, galvanised tube, hot & cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminium extrusions