Interpon D1000 Powder Coat Range

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Interpon D1000 powder coatings is perfect for residential applications. Durable and TGIC-free Interpon D1000 coatings are suitable for both exterior and interior applications where performance is important. The Interpon D1000 comes with warranty grade performance and is suited for projects that are further than 100mtrs from salt water.

Interpon D1000 is one of the most popular powder coat range that is ideal for domestic residential applications all over the country. The durable range of Interpon powder coat range is free from TGIC and can be used widely in both interior and exterior applications where there is a demand for overall high performance.


The specially formulated and designed powder coat range from Interpon D1000 is an application for domestic residential developments that equates BCA Volume 2 followed by class 1 and 10 buildings that are at least on the third floor. The powder coating range comes with an exclusive 10-year warranty on its performance on all types of architectural aluminium if you can use the Interpon D-approved applicator.


You can use all our Interpon D1000 powder coatings for saltwater of 100 meters. They flaunt premium colour, finish, and gloss. Known for colour retention, our range of powder coating range from Interpon D1000 are available in various custom colours like Precis, Textura, Sable, metallic, gloss, satin, and matt. They are also bronze warranted for 10 years.


Highest-Durability Interpon D1000 Designed for Residential Applications


Our premium range of Interpon D1000 powder coats is uniquely formulated for all types of residential applications. Furthermore, they can deliver exemplary application performance. The powder coat range displays exclusive mileage, the highest utilization of power, cures quickly, and flaunts amazing toughness.


You can choose our range of Interpon D1000 powder coats in a vast selection of more than 150 stock colours that run inclusive of contemporary hues, and best-in-class designer tactile and outstanding anodic finishes. Some of the standard applications of the powder coat range are residential windows and doors, garage doors, louver systems, aluminium pool fencing, etc.


Product Features

Matt, satin, gloss, metallic, Précis, Sablé, Textura® and textured finishes
COLORBOND® Excel™ colors

10 Years Bronze Global Warranty*
Building requirements
Suitable for BCA Class 1 and 10 buildings:
  • Single domestic residential dwelling up to 3 storeys
  • Free standing structure (ie shed, boat house, car port etc)

Environmental conditions
Located greater than 100 metres from shore line or coast

Performance specifications
AAMA2603, AS3715, AS4506, BS6496, BS6497, WANZ

Project suitability
Suitable for both exterior and interior applications
Exterior applications: Domestic residential up to 3 storeys in height, such as pool fences, gutter brackets, car ports etc
Interior applications: Skirting boards, office partitions, office lighting, chairs and tables, outdoor furniture, lighting etc