PPA 571

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Pilbara Powder Coatings are the leading solution provider for all outdoor residential and industrial pieces of equipment. We specialize in a wide range of products and application techniques to give the desired finish in term of functionality and apperance. Coating you equipment with Plastcoat PPA 571 keeps your metal assets that are exposed to the elements in good condition for decades to come.

Plastcoat PPA 571 is a product that will provide Industry leading long-lasting protection to metal parts without any chipping, flaking or fractures. It will prevent any kind of aberration by sand and seawater in coastal regions and exposure to sun rays and water.

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Plascoat® PPA 571 range
The ideal coating for outdoor items exposed to demanding urban or coastal environments

Plascoat® PPA 571
Plascoat® PPA 571 is amongst the most versatile and durable coatings available on the market today. With 25 years proven performance, Plascoat PPA 571 will provide long-term protection for metal against demanding environments.

Key features and benefits:

25 years proven performance
Superior resistance to sun, salt and sea water
Excellent impact and sand abrasion resistance
Premium quality, glossy appearance
Will not crack, chip, flake or fracture
Low temperature performance to -70°C
Excellent adhesion to steel, iron and aluminium
No requirement for a primer
PPA 571 is free of Bisphenol A (BPA), PVC, halogens, phthalates and heavy metals