PPA 691

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The excellent-property-rich Plascoat PPA 691 that we offer at Pilbara Powder Coatings are known for their resistance to acid and display amazing adhesion while also being highly flexible. They provide the ultimate protection to extreme enviroments.


The fluidized bed is known for its application for PLascoat PPA 691. The Plascoat PPA 691 is designed specifically to offer long-lasting performance. These coatings are known for being the toughest coatings available on the market and for having numerous exterior applications on mild steel, galvanized steel, and aluminium. 


The Halogen-free Plascoat PPA 691 we offer has the lowest toxicity index. The coating is also extremely resistant to chiping, flaking and UV exposure and displays resistance to severe weather conditions, salt spray, and detergents, and all types of airborne pollutants due to the thermal bonding process. The coating offers an incredible adhesion to the metal substrate without any individual primer.


Easy-to-Apply Plascoat PPA 691


You can rely on PPA 691  for the best electrical insulation and resistance to impact and abrasion. They are used in fence posts, panels, signposts, street furniture, ducting, cable trays, portable water, stadium seat, garden furniture, wirework, and gutter brackets.