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At Pilbara Powder Coatings in Australia is one of the best providers of coatings powders for pipelines. The range of coating powders we offer is great for both gas line and water line pipes as well. You can use the coating powders for both exterior and interior pipelines. The coating powders for pipelines are available in various smooth and customized textures.


The coatings powders for pipelines are known for their long-lasting shelf-life and it is what makes them resistant to corrosion and weather followed by chemicals as well like seawater, solvents, alkalis according to the client needs. The coating powders are great for their aesthetic appeal.


Each of the coating powders we offer is epoxy coated to offer extra protection from the inside. The shades in our coating powders are available according to the RAL standards. The coating powders aren’t only free of defects but are particularly popular for places that have frequent fluctuations.


Impact-Resistant Coating Powder for Pipelines


The coating powder we provide withstands construction handling and field bending during the service damage as well. Not only is the coating powder resistant to penetration but also cathodic disbandment. They display stability at increased temperatures as well.


We provide coating powder that also has the best resistance to soiled stress and water absorption followed by chemical resistance. They also display volume resistivity and are flexible to bending. The coating powder for pipelines is amazingly resistant to damages.