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The Oxyplast PR28 powder coating we present at Pilbara Powder Coatings is just what you need for a perfect coating solution for all types of resistance against chemicals and high corrosion. You can use our powder as a single-coat protective application or even as the base coat in a three-layer system.


Our range of Oxyplast PR28 powder coating is specially formulated to deliver both flexible and finish that promise durability. These axoplast powder coatings are known to contain premium adhesion properties and amazing delamination and cathodic disbandment resistance. Our Oxyplast powder coating adheres to international quality standards.


Eco-Friendly Powder Coating


The Oxyplast PR28 is also perfect for metal packaging is ideally meant for packaging by the industries involved in food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics. The powder coatings are 100% impermeable and steer clear of metal packaging. The Oxyplast PR28 powder coatings enable consistency in application to the entire substrate inner area. Our unique powder coatings render a decorative finish and cater to a large group of consumer and industrial fields.


The inert powders are completely following the global standards of quality approved by the FDA and promise exemplary resistance power to both chemical and abrasion. The EF oxyplast PR28 powder coating that we offer provides the best protection and base protection for three-layer coat applications.


Quality-Approved Oxyplast PR28


You can rely on our highly-flexible powder coating from Oxyplast PR28, because of their resistance to abrasion and chemicals. They can promise adhesion to all types of oily metallic substrates and steel substrates. The quality-approved Oxyplast PR28 powder coating is best for offering protective coverage for short blasted bars.


The powder coating that we offer offers consistent smoothness and are completely impermeable. You can use them for reinforcing concrete bars and pipes. .