Redox Triplex

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Pilbara Powder Coatings is the front-runner in a vast array of specialised products and services in the fight against corrosion. Our products are sourced from Interpon, the global giant in powder coating manufacturing. Interpon Redox Triplex is one such line of products that has a multi-layer coating with zinc primer, epoxy barrier primer and polyester top coat. It is best suited for hostile environments with high humidity and salinity.

Redox Triplex Powder Coating is obtainable in many colours. It is a highly durable guard against corrosion of extreme C5 levels. It has been tried and tested for its superior performance in heavy industries, wind turbines and chemical plants.

Durability ranges based on the ISO 12944 standard 

  • Low (L) up to 7 years 
  • Medium (M) 7 to 15 years 
  • High (H) 15 to 25 years 
  • Very High (VH) more than 25 years 


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