Redox Triplex

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At Pilbara Powder Coating Australia, we are a renowned supplier of Interpon Redox Triplex powder coating. Our three-layer powder coating is a blend of primer Interpon Redox PZ rich in zinc and barrier-safeguard primer Interpon Redox Plus, topped with your choice of Interpon topcoat. The Redox Triplex powder coating we offer is designed specifically to keep your shot and grit-treated steel objects.


With our Interpon Redox Triplex powder coating, you can enjoy a robust corrosion-protection performance in environments having C5 levels. You can also rely on our powder coatings since they are an amazing combo of both cathodic and barrier protection. The powder coating, we offer is perfect for environments having high humidity and high salinity.


VOC Free Interpon Redix Triplex Powder Coating Supplier


Known for superior edge coverage, our offered powder coatings are also compatible with the widest variety of topcoats. The solvent-free Interpon Redix powder coatings we offer have been tested to prove their excellence in the field of corrosion protection and performance.


Some of the places where our powder coatings are in rampant use are heavy industries, chemical plants, wind turbines, steel window frames, swimming spots, chair lifts, and cable cars. Our easy-to-use Interpon Redox powder coating is designed for optimum protection longevity.


Durability ranges based on the ISO 12944 standard 
  • Low (L) up to 7 years 
  • Medium (M) 7 to 15 years 
  • High (H) 15 to 25 years 
  • Very High (VH) more than 25 years